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Baby Won’t Wear Clothes

Most first time parents get a shock when at about fourteen months their darling decides they don’t want to wear clothes! The first thing to realise is that there is nothing unusual about this it is just a small part

Refinishing Wood Flooring

Is your wood flooring already worn out? Has it already gone through the tough tests and is now looking old and pale? It may be time to refinish your wood flooring and make it look new again. How do you

It’s Never Free

Free this and Free that, everywhere I look something is being offered for free. In my mailbox, in my email, on the radio, and on the TV. whats the catch? In todays mail their was a coupon section and the

How To Find The Perfect Rental Unit

This 4 step guide to finding the perfect rental unit is quick and easy to understand. Learn how to structure your search in a way that will be most effective for the time invested. Come out ahead in your search

Seven Tips for Fire Safety

It’s easy to think a house fire won’t happen to you. But don’t be fooled—house fires are more common than you’d think. All it takes is a spark, a flammable substance, and some oxygen to cause a tragedy. Don’t let

Ten Tips to Decorate for Autumn

Cool breezes, warm colors, hearty aromas! A time for the harvest and for surrounding yourself with the beauty of the changing season. Autumn is my favorite time of the year! Out doors is where I like to be in these

Preparing the Family Pet to Welcome The Newborn

Is your dog intensely jealous of your affections? Does she always try to come between you and your spouse when you get close? Then naturally her reaction towards the new addition in the family who will certainly grab all the

High School Sports Recruiting In The Internet Age

The job of recruiting for the college athletics scout has a new tool, with the popularity of the Internet they can use this tool to make better choices for their colleges. By being able to pre-view many more prospects from

Christmas Shopping – Tips and Advice

It’s that time of year again when everyone hits the high street to do their Christmas shopping. There are a few Christmas shopping strategies.  Start in June This saves you panicking in a number of ways You don’t get

A Gift of Aromatherapy

Many people have heard of aromatherapy by now but still may not know exactly what it is. Some folks carry the notion that it is the sniffing of flowers and candles with exotic scents for equally exotic, and possibly wild,