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Preserving Children from Custody Fallout

When mum and dad decided to end their marriage, this does not mean they do not love their child any less. On the contrary, the breakdown of marriage can bring the relationship between parent and child closer, bringing out the

Funeral planning advice from a funeral director

Making funeral plans can be a very stressful event. Many things must be considered and decisions made. This usually comes at a time when most people are at their worst, mentally. Today, it is not uncommon for traditional funeral and

Birthright – See Birth In A Totally Different Way

A new online tutorial has recently been made available on the internet. Its called “Birthright”. It’s an online child birth education tutorial which prepares women in a new and thorough way for their baby’s birth. What follows is an interview

Online Video May Be Putting Your Family At Risk

It looks like fun! Your child posting crazy videos or family videos online can be dangerous to your child and to the safety of your family. There is a good chance your child is using using the internet to either

Urban Explosion

I think the trend of moving to the suburbs after WWII is actually reversing itself. In part, at least here in downtown Philadelphia, one might guess that would be the case. Empty nesters see, to be making a migration back

Sharing Family Christmas History

Christmas is celebrated across the world with immense joy and happiness. It is one of the most joyous and celebrated occasions. Christmas gifts are the integral components of Christmas celebration. People exchange beautiful Christmas gifts with their loved ones. The

Shopping For Christmas Gift Ideas

Well, Christmas is almost here again! Yes, the most peaceful vacation is coming up, yet many people are also starting to feel anxiety about buying gifts, especially if they are inexpensive Christmas gift ideas. It is said also that gifts

Do You Know The Answers To These Audio Book FAQs?

Do you know the answers to these audio book FAQs? Audio books are rising quickly in popularity. More and more people are taking advantage of the modern MP3 techniques and iPods. Yet there are still many questions unanswered in this

5 Good Reasons For Choosing An Audio Book

Did you know that audio books are becoming more and more popular by each day? For example, in 2004, over $124 million worth of audio books were sold in the UK and $120 million in Germany during 2005. Experts say

My Life as a Single Parent

One year ago my life as I had known it for seven years came crashing down around me – my marriage broke up. I cannot really say that it was a total surprise – things were steadily going from bad