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Allergies in the Garden

Whether you are cutting flowers, digging a new vegetable plot, or excavating the entire backyard for your new landscape dream, you will encounter many common safety issues. However, if you are an allergy sufferer, it may well seem like the

History of Patchwork Quilts

The article title inspires images of a gaggle of ladies companionably gathered around a patchwork quilt exchanging tidbits of gossip, usually called a quilting bee. Or maybe a housewife all alone, late at night in her pioneer home, laboring over

Starting Your Family Search-Organize Family Keepsakes Into A Family Tree

Many of us have attics and basements filled with keepsakes of our family. We look at old photo albums and yearbooks and think we should try to organize all our family pictures and documents and put them in one place.

Dear Dad

Dear Dad, At a recent evening church service the pastor asked three men to give testimony to the influence of their fathers in their lives. All three men gave glowing accounts of the many ways in which their fathers had

Pet Portraits Make Perfect Birthday Gifts

Birthday gifts should be significant. We all enjoy receiving birthday gifts that show that the giver has given special thought to making the gift personal and special as well as appropriate. Giving a school shirt to a young child is

Memory Foam Topper Covers – The Various Reasons You Should Own One

It could cost you a little bit of cash, but a top quality foam topper cover is generally cash well spent when you possess a memory foam bed. Nevertheless, it’s vital to know that purchasing a topper cover simply because

Judaica Gifts for Every Occasion

What are Judaica Gifts? Judaica gifts basically include various items which are used in religious observance by Jews like books, jewelry with religious motifs and many other Israeli items like souvenirs, posters, T-shirts and cosmetics. Several of these gifts used

How Can You Get The Best Deal With A Household Moving Estimate?

It is important that you know how to get the best deal with a household moving estimate when you are going to hire a moving company to help make your move to a new home easier. There are some important

Scavenger Hunt List- How to Plan your Scavenger Hunt efficiently

Does your family love the thrill of a good scavenger hunt as much as ours does? Good. Then please continue reading, as I’d like to share with you some of the dynamics we’ve found concerning writing hard scavenger hunt riddles.

The Importance of Family and Friends to Quit Smoking

Setting out on the long hard journey to quit smoking is a very personal matter. You will be the one suffering the effects of nicotine withdrawal. You will be the one fighting the monkey clinging fast to your back. No