How To Find The Perfect Rental Unit

This 4 step guide to finding the perfect rental unit is quick and easy to understand. Learn how to structure your search in a way that will be most effective for the time invested. Come out ahead in your search for the perfect new home rental!

Let’s get started!

1.Time Factor

Your quickly come the to the realization that most landlords/managers will require a one year lease. Is one year too long? If so, consider a sublet or a month to month lease arrangement. You should also ask what the penalty for leaving early would be.

Money Factor

Take a look at your current situation. Do you need a roommate? Do you want a roommate? Whether or not you should have a roommate will determine how you will find an apartment. If you are moving out with a good friend, be prepared for a higher level of confrontation in your new arrangement. It’s sometimes mutually advantageous to find a stranger with a solid job and good references then an old friend. Having a roommate has it’s obvious benefits. You’ll save money, have company and share the work of cleaning up (hopefully).

Children Factor

Do you have kids? It would be sad if you found the perfect location to live in and then you find out your little rug rat does not have a friend. Research the neighbors and find out where they’re at with having kids. Ask the contact people I your local classified section about the children in the area or go online and browse through listings.

Necessary Documentation

You may notice that several apartments, townhouses and houses will be taken on their first day of being advertised. It’s recommended that you start your search no later then 3 weeks in advance. In order to be the early bird bring the following material:

Two Recent Bank Statements or Pay Stubs Last years tax return Letter of employment Letter of reference from a previous landlord Tape Measure Checkbook Pen and Paper

Many city’s throughout North America are experiencing saturated rental markets. The best way to get ahead of the crowd is to be the one person that is prepared. Many rental managers and landlords respect people that have all their documents readily available.