A Gift of Aromatherapy

Many people have heard of aromatherapy by now but still may not know exactly what it is. Some folks carry the notion that it is the sniffing of flowers and candles with exotic scents for equally exotic, and possibly wild, expectations. Others, often regarded as fanatics by their friends and family, may assign greater powers of healing and physiological change than is actually merited by some compounds and preparations.

At the very least, the scientific minds among us must admit that we humans have what is called “smell memory,” wherein a mood or a memory may be triggered by a specific odor. Thus, it has to be realized that aromatherapy does have some effect, no matter what camp one may occupy.

Whether you want to help or humor your friends and family, or simply impress them, creating aromatherapy gifts can be a very thoughtful gesture. And the recipient, who may even be a skeptic, surely would see the gift as a kindness, too. After all, who could resist the pleasant aromas and the beautiful job you did on the gift wrapping?

Whether you want to simply send something that is beautiful and pleasant, therapeutic effects aside, or do indeed, want to provide your loved one with something truly helpful, you have a ton of options from which to create the perfect aromatherapy gift.

If you want to send a therapeutic preparation, it is wise to first find out what your friend needs, or wants. If they are educated about essential oils, for example, you should discuss this with them before you take the leap. You don’t have to give yourself and your intentions away, but you should find out what will work best for them. Just think of that conversation as you would if you were trying to find out their favorite food for a surprise dinner party.

On the other hand, if your friend has no interest or knowledge of aromatic essences, you should find out what fragrances they enjoy, and perhaps get them to reveal their favorite colors. This will at least help you choose the most attractive wrapping material.

Next, do some research. Perhaps you have information on aromatherapy already, or know someone who does. Or you can find a book, a web site, or consult an expert. Be sure you don’t give something irritating or offensive. Not everyone loves the scent of citrus, for example. If you are giving them something that can be massaged onto the skin, be certain they don’t have a skin condition that could be aggravated. To be safe, you might want to stick to more gentle or diluted compounds.

Your choices for a gift can include candles, soaps, oils mixed by you and bottled in a gorgeous little blue or amber bottle, or homemade incense, a sachet, a spritzer, bath powders, or maybe even a potpourri. Recipes and directions for these kinds of items are available in books and on the Internet.

The fact that you made any or all of it yourself will be the primary aspect of their appreciation. Wrap it all up with a bit of colored cellophane, gift paper, lace or tulle, and tie it up with a delicate ribbon, or a bit of sisal for the guys. Add to this the fact that they may truly enjoy the effects as they use your present, and voila! — you have just created the perfect gift for any occasion — and maybe even a convert to the benefits of aromatherapy.